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Get The Best Permanent Track Lighting In Charlotte NC

Have you ever wished you could have Christmas lights up for every holiday? Or wished every time you came home, you saw a home with an added touch of style and sophistication. Then permanent track lighting in Charlotte, NC, is your answer! Not only does it provide ample illumination at night, but it also adds a unique and festive touch to your home. With permanent track lighting, you have the flexibility to run automations for any holiday. Or even have a more traditional architectural look in between holidays. With permanent track lighting, you’ll be able to enjoy a well-lit and visually stunning home for years to come. So why settle for lighting only during the big holidays? Turn your permanent decorative house lights green for St. Patty’s day, Pink for the whole month of Breast Cancer Awareness, or even outline it in the colors of your favorite sports team! With permanent exterior lighting, every day can be a holiday.

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Gemstone Lights

Marvelous Lights is an authorized dealer for Gemstone Lights. If you’re interested in getting permanent house lighting, we can provide you with professional installation for your home or business. Our skilled team has extensive experience with these two brands. Let us enhance the beauty and functionality of your property with these changing roofline lighting systems.

Gemstone Lights are innovative track lighting systems. They are designed to be low-profile and include color-changing lights. This means you can keep them up year-round to celebrate various events, seasons, holidays, and even your mood. These sophisticated lighting systems blend seamlessly into your existing architecture and use cost-saving LED lights. Additionally, they can be controlled from your smart phone, allowing you to customize timer options and colors as well as program various light sequences. They also work well for permanent Christmas lighting.

Benefits of our All Inclusive Permanent Track Lighting Services

Don’t just put lights up for Christmas! Celebrate with lights every day! Permanent track lighting allows you to celebrate any and everyday holiday. Want to rep your favorite sports team? Or display your patriotic Red, White, & Blue? Now you can, with our fully customizable permanent exterior holiday lights!

No more faulty remotes, or bad controllers! All our product lines use Wifi or Bluetooth controlled phone application. So now you change change you lights, whenever, or wherever you want!

Unlike seasonal holiday lighting, these permanent track lighting systems are built to last for years! All our products are rated for a minimum of 50,000 hours of run time before even a noticeable dimming. That means if you run your lights everyday of every year for the average 6 hours a night, you’ll get a minimum product lifetime of 23 years! That’s twice as long as most people own a car!

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Permanent Track Lighting in Charlotte, NC

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Frequently Asked Questions

The industry standard for these track lighting systems is 50,000 hours. At the average runtime of about 6 hours per night every night, that would give you a useful life time of roughly about 23 years.


Yes! All of our systems use Wi-fi & Bluetooth-controlled apps.


Yes! We carry multiple lines of permanent lighting, so our customers are best served based on their specific needs and desires.


Yes. Track lighting is ideal for illuminating outdoor spaces such as patios, decks, pergolas, and screened-in porches. They feature a plastic u-shaped channel that can be fitted to coves and beams on existing structures.


Track lighting can be placed in a variety of areas, including above a doorway. They’re also often used as pathway lights and security lights.

Outdoor track lights can flicker for a few reasons. For example, you may need to replace the bulbs with LED or CFL bulbs. You can also try replacing the dimmer if it doesn’t work for your track lighting system.


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