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Make your Home stand out and look amazing with new landscape lighting

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Builders, do you want to...

Attract more buyers

Increase curb appeal

Increase the value of the home

Emphasize the beautiful architecture

Save money by removing all wiring soffit mounted lighting

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Make Your Home Stand Out Amongst The Crowd

Benefits of our All Inclusive
Home Builder Program

Having permanent lighting on your model homes, and new builds will not only attract more buyers, but ti will also increase the amount of traffic in the nights and evenings.

Your homes are built to be beautiful, but it’s hard to see that in the evening and night. Our permanent track lighting system will emphasize the beautiful architecture of your homes by keeping it elegantly bright all year round.

These top of the line systems will also increase the value of the home. Theyre perfectly crafted to blend in during the day with color matched aluminum tracking, and shine bright every day or holiday of the year. Make your builds stand out by offering these lighting options.

Most new builds are now including prewired soffit mounted lighting. With our low-voltage track system, you can eliminate all those extra fixtures, and offer an even more versatile architectural lighting system.

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Our Home Builder Program

Make your neighborhoods and homes the talk of the town. Illuminate your model homes, and offer Permanent Track Lighting as an add on to your clients.

Once approved for our program, we will go over the “Home Builders Manual”. And show you how to add our track lighting systems on to your jobs with ease!

We Provide The Highest Quality
Home Builder Program In The Charlotte Metro Area

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we encourage it and will train your estimators how to do so!

We will, your business is already complex and we don’t want to add to it. We will manage the lighting timers, and change them whenever you need.

Yes, in the event a home needs to be repainted we can provide light cover caps to protect the lights while painting over all the tracking and soffit.

Ready To Have The Best

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